Workplace Wellness

Make your workplace a healthy and enjoyable environment.

Our health has a huge impact on we feel and act. While a little stress is healthy, too much stress takes a toll and negatively impacts our productivity. Unfortunately, we tend to dismiss stress until it begins to inhibit our function.

Why Invest In Health?


Employees are able to feel a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from their work and lives as a whole. Customer satisfaction also improves by 10%.

Increased Productivity

Work hours are more productive, absenteeism falls by 37%. It costs money when employees don’t show up, or worse, come to work and become a safety liability (e.g. infections or accidents).


Not only do healthy people live longer, but healthy and happier employees have up to 65% lower turnover rates and are able to work until a later age.

THE CORE OF YOUR BUSINESS – Health and Wellbeing

Fortunately, it is easy to take the right steps in managing our health and coping with stress to allow us to live the best lives we can. Our programs for workplace wellness will help you to integrate healthy habits from within your company’s culture and provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary. Programs include stretching & exercise, healthy eating, creating mentally conducive work-spaces, mindfulness, mental health, and creating healthy habits overall.

  • Wellness Workshops and Presentations
  • Newsletters and Health Promotions
  • Stretch and Activity Breaks
  • Community Event Coordination and Outreach
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Physical Activity Campaigns
  • Behavior Change Programs
  • Personalized solutions
  • Break-room Overhauls

Health is Wealth

Invest in your company’s health by way of a healthy and happy workforce that drives successful businesses.

Health & Wellness Facilities

Caretakers are stressed. We know. We provide sessions for caretakers, wellness providers, and their patients/residents. We also offer our unparalleled wellness training for providers and educators to fine tune and expand wellness offerings with additional modalities or use existing ones more efficiently – reducing the stress on the practitioner and improving the efficacy of interventions.

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Recovery Centers
  • Spa & Wellness Centers
  • Others available on request


  • Wellness training & education
  • Wellness services as group or private sessions
  • Speaking & activities for events (health fairs, wellness days, etc)
  • Staff/caretaker wellness & de-stressing
  • Breakout sessions for staff meetings

Business Solutions

Our vision goes beyond personal health. Along with our health, true wellness also includes socioeconomic well-being. So, we love to share our world-class experience to help other brands and businesses grow consciously. Work directly with our founder, Jahmaal, to master your journey towards sustainable growth.

  • Business Planning & Consulting
  • Digital Design
  • Media Production
  • Marketing Strategies

Speaking & Events

Book us to speak for seminars, events, breakout sessions, wellness programs on topics related to health and wellness.


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