Transform Your Class with Mindfulness

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Use mindfulness in your class to transform the learning experience; engage your students, make learning fun, encourage emotional development, empower future leaders, and create masters of the Universe in the process.

This course expands on our free Power of Intention course and goes in depth on how we can use mindful practices with students in a class setting. We’ll cover personal practices to help us be present in our roles and get into the science behind how and why they work to improve everything about our lives (and those around us). We will also learn practical techniques, exercises, and games that we can use in our classes to instill mindful practices in students and create masters of the Universe. These lessons are intended for teachers in public schools but are easily adapted for other types of education and leadership roles.

Create A Positive Learning Experience

Teach students how to manage their emotions, control their attitude, and enjoy engaging in the learning process. Effortlessly include emotional learning as much as a part of the process as academic learning and reduce stress for yourself as a teacher and for students. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed while trying to groom future generations.

Practice Mindfulness Exercises

Use the materials in our course to create a positive environment to learn in which students enjoy the leaning process. Our course will help you unlock your students’ potential, creating a fulfilling experience for both teachers and students.