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Our Vision

To improve the world one individual at a time by instilling the knowledge and skills to live consciously in a way that is beneficial to the health and well-being of the planet as a whole. Or as we like to say, help you to master your Self, and master the Universe.

JAH Advisory Co. (jah.guide) is a platform dedicated to self-mastery & conscious living. Our goal is to instill values to achieve our highest potential, and improve the world for future generations.

Everything is connected; at the top of our list are wellness, caring for our environment, and sustainability. When we are able to respect ourselves and our connection between all things (like the community and our environment), we act more responsibly in life.

To be a master of the Universe is to be a light in any community that we are a part of. It means we can feel fulfilled. We can achieve our highest potential and give back, while guiding others to do the same.

We can maximize our potential through anything, but for us it begins with health – becoming aware of our own intentions, emotions, thoughts, and patterns. This grows from a sense of self-awareness to a universal awareness in which we recognize the connection between all aspects of life, as nothing exists in isolation. From there we can make the right decisions for the well-being of ourselves and others. We believe in improving the world by improving ourselves!

Life Is Connected

Everything in life is connected. Nothing exists in isolation. Examples include pollution, introducing a new species to an area, war, natural disasters and economic events – all things that can have huge effects even on distant parties with no involvement on what’s going on. The statement is also true in our personal lives. Our health is linked to our happiness, relationships, career, and finances. These areas of our lives – while not totally dependent – impact each other cyclically in a way that continues to get better and better, or worse and worse. When we see these connections, the right actions in our life become obvious. From there we can work to manifest our ideal reality. Self-love, eating right, treating others as you would like to be treated, caring for the Earth – our home… all of these things and much more become obvious.

“Our health is linked to our happiness, relationships, career and finances. These areas of our lives – while not totally dependent – impact each other cyclically…”

For us, it begins with well-being of body and mind. A healthy body and mind support each other to maintain emotional well-being (the happier you are, the healthier you are!), improving our relationships, and allowing us to function well to provide for our needs.

JAH Advisory Council


Jahmaal Hays is an educator, artist, entrepreneur, and empathic leader. He is a global citizen – born in Jamaica, and having lived in North America, Europe, and Asia.

With experience from creating software and online communities (before social media), to teaching, to charity and relief work, to building a global company with clients in over 12 countries – Jahmaal draws from a diverse background combining ancient and modern knowledge to guide others in life. He is also a trained meditation master and healing practitioner with a Degree in Alternative Medicine.


Kimberly Walters is a gifted musician and trained music therapist with a degree in music therapy. She was raised around music; sound and vibration are natural tools to her. In addition to her psychological understanding and counseling, Kimberly uses her voice, guitar, ukulele, singing bowls, various other instruments and creative expression therapeutically in her practice.

She is great with people of all ages and backgrounds – from children with developmental disabilities to adults in assisted living facilities, adult day care, and hospice care. Kimberly uses music and vibration to improve mental development, memory, coordination, comfort, and overall quality of life.


Jessenia Cardoso is a talented digital content creator and production coordinator with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. She excels at creating engaging content and managing projects from start to finish, with strong communication and problem-solving skills. In her free time, Jessenia enjoys staying active, making jewelry and exploring the outdoors.

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