TEQMiUP™ (Take Me Up!)

Teaching Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Using Positivity – A Platform for Self-Mastery

Available courses:

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Discover the Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been shown to have a number of benefits for our physical health. It can help us to manage pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and even boost our immune system.

  • Learn practical steps to improving emotional intelligence
  • Incorporate wellness in your life
  • Become more present and less stressed
  • Engage in more meaningful relationships

School Mindfulness & SEL

Implement life changing programs for teachers, schools, districts, and ultimately communities.

Self Mastery For Students

For students to learn tools they can use for a happy and fulfilled life.

Group & Private Wellness Services

Experience whole body wellness like never before.

Practice Mindfulness With Us

Jahmaal Hays is a leader in global wellness who believes in guiding youth to harness their potential. He works with renowned partners to create protocols, conduct research, and share best practices in wellness and education.

What began as occasional work in the community has turned into sharing mindful practices with teachers and students around the world. I started with sessions to help students de-stress before testing, and after traumatic events (one of the recent major school shootings was not far from home). The more work I did with children, the more I saw the impact and importance of the work. The world needs these practices more than ever and that’s what I’m dedicated to.

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