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Your Guide
To Self Mastery

Unlock your potential with mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Begin your journey to self mastery, or as we like to say – master yourself, master the Universe!

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Discover the Next Level

Of Being Human

Develop your emotional intelligence to manage stress

Define your values – Discover your true feelings, and discover what is fulfilling to you

Live with intention!

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What We Do

Let’s explore how we can guide you or your business to reach your full potential!

Health & Wellness

World-class wellness training & services for all industries (Well-being for everyone, not just the health nuts).

Transformational Mindfulness

We explore deeper aspects of emotional intelligence for the best possible health, relationships, community, and life.


Life coaching, business coaching, and health coaching for a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.

Business Consulting

Leading conscious growth in a changing world. We love sharing our passion for branding, strategy, and cryptocurrency!

Who We Serve


Because we believe in making the world a better place – one experience at a time.


Business consulting AND workplace wellness for all industries. After all, health is wealth! The ROI on happiness is extremely overlooked, and we’re here to show you what a world of difference it can make. Healthy and happy employees are a must for any sustainable business.


Improve the learning process for everyone using mindfulness. We help to relieve stress from students, teachers, and parents! By teaching everyone involved how to recognize and redirect their emotions in a productive way, we help everyone to become the best version of themselves and build a better community.

Real change begins from within. Through self mastery, we can achieve our highest potential in health, family, business, and education.

We can get a deeper look at our connection to each other. With mindfulness, and conscious living we are able to redefine sustainability and community. We truly believe that if we as individuals live our best lives, then we would make the right decisions for ourselves and for the well-being of others. Let us improve the world by improving ourselves!

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JAH Advisory’s focus is self mastery through health, education, and business. We host the TEQMIUP (“Take Me Up”) emotional intelligence and mindfulness training platform. Our goal is to instill values of self mastery and conscious living to achieve our highest potential, and improve the world for future generations.

We Are Accelerating the Paradigm Shift in Consciousness!

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