Jessenia passion is supporting people in self-expression and self-healing through her gifts and creativity. She sees her life as a spiritual journey that is constantly unfolding, bringing new experiences and new perceptions. She is committed to the exploration of philosophical ideas and concepts that are progressive in the evolution of humanity and how we relate to one another. A major and unifying theme in her work is symbiosis. It is from this perspective that she seeks to explore spirituality and the human condition.

She has a rich heritage and a rich background in dance which unites Afro-Cuban traditions and dance styles which she infuses into her own yoga practice. Her dance background includes Miami City Ballet, Middle Eastern Dance Exchange, Xtreme Cheer and Primal Movement. When yoga found her in 2012, she knew it was the missing link to constant movement in her life and she has never looked back.

Her vision for the world is a world that is joyful, loving, creative and free. As a Certified Buti Yoga Instructor, she teaches from this vision with power, passion and compassion as she seeks to guide her students to finding their truth, unleashing the power within and finding healing on the mat in a way that is primal, gentle and fun. She is also a Visual Artist, Dancer, Artisan, Craftsman, Actor and Filmmaker.

What makes her smile: Supporting people on their journey, seeing them step into their own power, authenticity, self-expression and vulnerability.