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Benefits of mindfulness

  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Memory retention & recollection
  • Improved academics
  • Increased motivation, energy, and happiness
  • Reduces cortisol (better results with a partner) and other stress hormones
  • Strengthens responses in pre-frontal cortex (logical thinking rather than giving in to emotional impulses)
  • Shrinks amygdala or weakens amygdalic reactions
  • Increases alpha, theta, and possibly delta waves in the brain
  • Better communication between brain hemispheres
  • Increase cerebral blood flow
  • Reduction in heart rate & blood pressure
  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved QOL

Our health is paramount to learning and assimilating knowledge for daily use.

Programs for Schools & Universities

A healthy body and mind go hand in hand. When we maintain sound health, our physiology lends itself to a well functioning brain. In addition, it is important for students to understand and transform their negative feelings (which may be about school, home, or work life) into positive ones which lead to an increase in the amount of connections in the brain to expand all possibilities.

We can turn feelings of fear and anxiety into excitement and motivation. We have the power to calm the mind and quiet external noise to not only improve our learning capacity, but make it a much more enjoyable process.