Master Your Mind, Master the World

The ultimate practice to transform your dreams into reality


Know the facts. Understand what mindfulness is, the benefits, and how to start the practice.


Games you can play to test your skills and track your progress in mindfulness.


Exercises to help you practice mindfulness in all areas of life – school, sports, friends & family.


Be Yourself

Here I’ll share a little bit of a personal story. Halloween is around the corner…


Thoughts Are Energy Too! We already know that everything is energy in different patterns that create our perceived…

How to Breathe Properly Mindfulness begins with breath… Isn’t breathing obvious? Many people take breathing for granted. It…

Why should I be mindful?

It makes everything better! Obstacles become opportunities. You have more fun, it becomes easier to focus, learn and get better grades, be better at sports and even videogames! Mindfulness makes life better.