Health and Wellness Coaching

Coaching & Consulting

Realize your potential and live your best life! Once we let go of our preconceptions of how or what life should be can we truly open up to the infinite possibilities of our existence. From there we can work to manifest our ideal reality. Jahmaal will provide you with the tools you need to realize your potential in health, business, and life in general. JAH will guide!

Health Coaching & Life Coaching

Bring greater meaning and purpose to your life! Work with Jahmaal to create personalized plans for your goals.


Living your best life begins with optimal health. Our body and mind are what we use to interface with the world around us – almost everything we experience is filtered through the body and mind. A healthy body and mind will affect other areas of our lives, such as decision making, esteem, confidence, increased energy, and balanced emotions. This is where we begin – to create personalized plans for specific goals and enforcing the best habits for our daily lives.


Find your passions and achieve your goals. Get the push you need to start a business, a class, new daily habits, or close old stagnant chapters in your life. You will break down preconceived notions and explore a new view of life!

Coaching for:

  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness & positive thinking
  • Detox
  • Exercise and movement
  • Mental health
  • Starting a business
  • Overcoming fears
  • Weight management / Weight Loss
  • Finding Deeper Meaning (Spiritual)

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