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Nurturing the Spirit: Self-Care Strategies for Mindful Holidays

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Welcome to our mindful living space, where we explore the art of self-mastery, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. As the holiday season approaches, known for its joyous moments but also the potential for stress, let’s delve into the topic of providing strategies for navigating the holidays with mindfulness, managing stress, and fostering gratitude. In this article, our focus is on a crucial aspect of this journey—self-care during the holidays. The Essence of Mindful Holidays In the whirlwind of holiday activities, the […]

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In this episode of mindful minutes we do a mindful breathing exercise from the Transformational Mindfulness book. We learn the proper way to breathe and the benefits of healthy breathing habits. Get the book at our store here: https://jah.life

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Mindful Minutes – Breathing with Intention