Pre-Test Meditation with Students

Last week we held mindfulness and sound healing for each class taking the Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) tests at Allamanda Elementary school. It was so well received by students and teachers/faculty that they want to have regular sessions for classes. More schools need mindfulness (as well as energy, sound, and vibration) as a regular part of their curriculum! Also, they liked it at our local news station, WPTV – seen on NBC and Fox. A calm mind lets us access […]

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We already know that everything is energy in different patterns that create our perceived reality. Everything from spoken language, solid objects, wi-fi signals, visible light and heat. Our thoughts are also patterns of energy that have an influence on our body and mind.

Be aware of your thoughts because every thought is like a repetition in an exercise for the brain. Know what patterns you are making stronger, and when a mental exercise (i.e. a thought is no longer healthy).

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Thoughts Are Energy Too!

Mindfulness begins with breath… Isn’t breathing obvious? Many people take breathing for granted. It is simple, and it does happen without thinking about it. However, most people are not breathing properly. The issue is that we often sink into unhealthy breathing patterns which make it harder to deal with stress, as opposed to breathing properly which releases stress.

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How to Breathe Properly