What’s the ROI on Mindfulness?

Mindfulness – What’s it worth? With busy schedules, taking time out of our day to practice mindfulness may seem counterproductive. The key is that practicing mindfulness improves everything we do. Mindfulness helps us to be at peace. Among many benefits, it helps us focus, increases productivity, reduces stress, improves the immune system, and reduces risk (physical and emotional) by virtue of being more aware.

Until recent years the benefits of mindfulness were not well tracked. As stress and distractions become more prominent in an overstimulated world, we are realizing that there is a real dollar impact of mindfulness (or lack thereof). We are now starting to see how mindfulness is connected to everything we do. The simple explanation is that by letting go of stress, we can process more of our experiences through the rational thinking part of our brain and less through the instinctive/reactive regions. We literally become more mindful and experience more moments of our life.

90-95% of participants in our mindfulness sessions reported a reduction in stress and an improvement in mood.

Insurance companies are realizing the importance of mindfulness. Aetna discovered that they earn $3000 more per employee (by gaining about an hour in productivity each week) and reduced expenses by $2000 per employee (yearly). SAP, a German technology has started rolling out mindfulness programs for its employees and noticed an ROI of 200% per employee.

The numbers are there for those who need to see them. My own work at JAH Advisory has found even more enlightening results. While practicing mindfulness with children and adults, we have made some interesting observations. Everyone (about 95% of participants in mindful sessions) reports reduced stress and an improvement in mood. Students are more engaged throughout the day. Relationships improve – between peers, teachers/students, and leaders/team members, and families. I can’t list all the amazing changes that a mindfulness practice can bring about.

Classroom Mindfulness Image

That’s the truly amazing thing. I already knew it, but seeing it in practices shows that the real value of mindfulness is priceless. You can’t measure the final impact on another person’s life and the positive impact they may have on others and so on. It is priceless. We can transform lives and create ripples by simply being aware. So remember to stay present.

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