Everything Is Connected

Dear All Humans,

Listen and love. Ignorance is our enemy. We all share a different perspective in this reality, but it still comes together as this one reality. In school and maps, they speak of multiple oceans, but is there not one large connected ocean? If we pollute one ocean, won’t it spread around the world? If a volcano erupts, will the ashes not be spread throughout the atmosphere? Humans, or rather, life is no different. Life is not something we possess. It is not ours to give or take. Rather, we share the experience of life. We share a different view of this grand experience called life.

Even if one beach is calm and clean to an observer, there may be a storm on another coast that is fearsome to another observer, and will eventually change the seemingly calm beach. Sometimes a threat may not be apparent or may not appear to affect us, but that doesn’t mean to ignore it, for it may affect us soon. Imagine if a storm is coming and we are safe but a neighboring town is at risk of flooding. It is our responsibility to help them prepare. If not, we can’t say it is their problem or blame them if they must take refuge in our homes.

Is this us?

The real illusion is separation of “You” and “I”, because ultimately, we are one. Just like the oceans or the skies. If we could see a little bit of ourselves in all things (not only people), discrimination and suffering that we put on ourselves would give way to compassion and love.

If you take anything from this, let it be a reminder to see ourselves in others. Always try to remember the Golden Rule of treating others how we would like to be treated – not just when it is convenient to us.