Freedom: The Ultimate Key To Universal Happiness

What is Freedom?

Freedom is rare today is what it is. In today’s world we are constantly being fed information. Constantly being told to believe something, enrolled in a program, or being sold something. It can be hard to tell what we truly want versus that craving we have all of a sudden from the food ad we just saw. And even when we decide, there is usually a condition tied to it. True freedom is the ability to manifest our intentions with clarity of purpose.

Image of Plato's allegory of the cave showing the levels of freedom
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

We all want to experience joy and contentment, but sometimes it feels out of reach no matter how hard we try or how many changes we make. Ultimately, true happiness only comes when we are free from external influences that keep us stuck in patterns of behavior or thought that prevent our growth as individuals. We must break through these walls if we wish to live an empowered life full of purpose and meaning. This article will provide insight into the different aspects of freedom which can open up new possibilities for personal growth and development.

Finally, along with tips on cultivating a mindset focused on liberation rather than restriction, we will share be advice on creating an environment conducive to allowing ourselves the freedom needed for lasting change. With commitment and dedication, anyone can unlock their potential by embracing freedom!

Freedom from what?

We often think of freedom of choice when it comes to freedom, but (and there is almost always a ‘but’) it is usually conditional. There are terms that come with those actions.

Want to drive a car? Yes, you can but… [Insert list of terms]

Want to use an app on the phone? Or a program on the computer? Yes, but… [Insert list of terms and conditions]. If you have ever used an app or signed up for a service online, you may have noticed what looks like an encyclopedia of terms and conditions.

Even our thoughts tend to be occupied by anything but our ultimate purpose in life. We see a little bit of it now with the constant feed of information from the media. Whether its on TV, our phones, or computers, we will come across fear and misery. These things take a hold on our minds and drain energy away from whatever it may be that is truly fulfilling to us.

Sign telling a person not to do something

And on a deeper philosophical note, want to eat ice cream and dessert all day? Yes, but… [Consequences]

Philosophical Freedom

So, some conditions are imposed on us by other people (individually or collectively as in social circumstances). Other conditions are the simple nature of cause and effect. In the sense of the latter, the causal reality of our life is inescapable. The final result is that if you are reading this, then that means you were born. And if you were born, then you will eventually pass. While many do seek to escape death through science, technology, and religion, it is one aspect of our free will (or lack of, depending on your perspective), which we can’t escape. And our entire lives exist within such parameters. We’ll save such a philosophical discussion for another time, though.

Then how about the terms and conditions imposed by others? Can we be free and sovereign from such conditions? Can we truly act according to our own will? There are many layers to true freedom and they must each be examined to understand how we can make the best choices in our own lives. It begins from within.

The importance of choice

Freedom to make our own decisions is a part of being human. It is what makes us unique from other animals. We have the ability to reason and make decisions based on our values, beliefs and preferences. This power of choice allows us to create our own reality.

However, we are not always aware of the choices we make or the impact they have on our lives. We simply go along with what others tell us to do or what seems like the easiest option. Often, this is subconscious. We may not even realize that we have a choice in the matter.

Decisions, Decisions…

As humans, we face many choices every day: what to wear, what to eat, where to go, how to spend our time… etc. Some of these choices are small and inconsequential while others are more significant and can have a lasting impact on our lives.

As a side note, every choice we make throughout the day takes a toll on our brain and makes the next one require a little more effort. Every tiny decision gets more and more stressful. This is a concept known as decision fatigue. Anyone who has children or manages people is likely to be familiar with this.

In order for us to be truly free, it is important that we be aware of the choices we make and their consequences. Otherwise, we are just reacting to life without consciously creating the life we want for ourselves. This would be equivalent to living by the will of others, or living by instinct like an animal.

sign pointing to many directions symbolizing freedom of choice and what is possible

The Impacts of Freedom

The concept of freedom and choice affects our entire life. Free will allows us to create our own reality, pursue our dreams and live life according to our values. It also gives us the power to change our circumstances if we don’t like them.

However, freedom of choice also comes with responsibility. We must be willing to accept the consequences of our choices, both good and bad. We must also be mindful of the impact our choices have on others.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they want out of life and how they want to live it. We all have different dreams, goals and values. What matters most is that we are true to ourselves and make choices that will lead us towards a life that is fulfilling and satisfying

The Dangers & Costs of freedom

Personal responsibility is the price we pay for sovereignty and freedom. With freedom comes the power to create our own reality and pursue our dreams. It also allows us to make choices that are aligned with our values.

We must also be willing to accept the consequences of our choices, both good and bad. We have to take into account the impact our choices have on others. But if we are true to ourselves and make choices that will lead us towards a life that is fulfilling and satisfying, then the price of freedom is well worth it.

The cost of not being free is to live in oppression. This is accepted in a society under the guise of safety. Rules, regulations, and laws, become so numerous that it becomes impossible to fulfill even basic needs without asking for permission or being penalized.

With the constant bombardment of media, even freedom of thought is being challenged. So which would you rather choose: To be accountable, or be told how to think and live? Do we really need to be told what is right and what is wrong?

How to be truly free

To know one’s own will is the ultimate tool for the task. We must constantly ask ourselves, “Do i really know what I think I know? How do i know? Is it from my own experience or third party information?”

From there, we can begin to learn about ourselves and what is truly fulfilling in life. We can discern what is meaningful to us apart from the noise of what others want us to think is important – the things we are constantly being sold and told. Actively practicing mindfulness is more important than ever to live a happy and fulfilled life.


When we ask the right questions and allow ourselves to be in the moment, then we can discover for ourselves what is truly valuable and worth pursuing. This is the challenge of living a fulfilling life – to find our own way amidst all the distractions.

Understand the source of our perspectives, beliefs, and choices. Are we making choices out of fear, or truly happy with our decisions? These are fundamental questions to as ourselves.


Freedom in relationships comes when we allow ourselves and each other to just be as we are. Mindful communication is necessary. When we truly see each other’s sovereignty and divinity, then love can blossom. Be clear. It’s ok to have expectations of others, but try not to be attached to those expectations. Be true and honest with friends and family.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom happens when we break out of the cycle of “earn and spend.” The cause of most stress is financially related. It’s not about making more money, it’s about living below your means and investing in yourself. When you do this, you open up opportunities for true wealth – both materially and spiritually. Be clear on your desires and focus your energy providing value to the world, and the financial abundance will become apparent.


When we are free in all aspects of our life, we will also experience the fulfillment that comes with it. This is the state of being complete and satisfied with who we are and what we have. We all have different ideas of what fulfillment looks like, but ultimately it comes down to a sense of peace and contentment

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