Men’s Health Month

June is officially Men’s Health Month. This often means health screenings and education about men’s health related issues. For us this means looking deeper into men’s mental health. Men have different needs than women, including emotional. Here are a couple statistics from the Men’s Health Month website:

  • Currently, men are dying an average of 5 years younger than women and lead 9 out of 10 of the top causes of death.
  • Men are at greater risk for death in every age group.
  • Men have a higher suicide death rate than women.
  • Men account for 92% of fatal workplace injuries.
  • Men do not see physicians for physical exams nearly as often as women and men are more likely to be uninsured.

Having the right tools available to manage stress makes a big difference. Also knowing that using these tools does not make anyone less of a man. Men can meditate, pray, do yoga, tai qi, or anything else that helps to slow down and tune into the mind-body connection. Another big difference in the overall state of mental health for men is a sense of community. That is a tool that many men barely scratch the surface of when it comes to mental health. Men also often feel the need to be “strong” or to uphold a certain image. We need to allow space for men to feel comfortable with being open and vulnerable – to simply discuss deeper things.

National Men’s Health Week (NMHW), will be June 11th – June 17th. Take this time to support yourself or be a support for men in your life. Remember to take time for self care, to check in with how you are feeling, and to allow yourself to be open with others.